I am a fourth generation woodworker and have been building things since I was a little boy.  I was encouraged at an early age by my Daddy and Grandpa to figure out how to do stuff on my own.  I have been a professional cabinetmaker for over 30 years now, and I still enjoy figuring out how to design and make things with my hands. 

I had always wanted to learn the art of  woodturning, but the demands of family life and running my own cabinet company seemed to put that earlier wish to the sidelines.  I finally got into turning several years back, and it felt very natural to me.  After starting with a small lathe off ebay, I  now have three wood lathes including a Vega heavy duty bowl lathe.

I started teaching my youngest son Max(who's now 18) to turn when he was just eleven years old, and later he taught his older brother Mitch to turn.  They then launched their own company called http://bwbgamecalls.com, where they specialize in making and marketing all sorts of custom animal calls.  Look'em up.

I can honestly say that;
Life is good!!

I plan to use this site to showcase our woodturnings. Please visit again for future updates. You can also visit my custom cabinet shop website by going to www.tntcustomcabinets.com

There you'll see some photos of my cabinet work