Max is now 18 years old and is a fifth generation woodworker.  He has been a woodturner since the age of 11.  He has a natural eye for form and finish that gives him the ability a lot of times to see whats hiding in a piece of wood before he even cuts into it.  He has been under my feet in my cabinet shop since he was crawling.  Max also loves to build things, he has more benchtop and hand held tools than most adults do, so turning was like second nature for him.  Ever since putting that first woodturning gouge in his hands, he hasn't slowed down much.  When he was 13 years old, his turnings won a blue ribbon in the Helen Arts and Heritage Center, located in Helen, Georgia.  At one time, he was the youngest member of the local Woodturners club here in north Georgia.  The club members always gave him lots of encouragement. 

Now he and his older brother Mitch, have their own custom animal call company,

Here's Max at age 12 with some of the pieces that he turned using his tools from Easy Wood Tools. You can see more about Max and these great tools by going to:

click here for our woodturning store


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